Law of Attraction Cyprus

Law of Attraction – CYPRUS

Join Law of Attraction Expert, Venetia Zannettis and learn:

✅Secrets to attracting & manifesting with ease
✅The power of positive thinking
✅How to make yourself a vibrational match to your dreams
✅How to emit the right frequency & attract your wishes
✅How to increase your energy level
✅How to turn your thoughts into a powerful attracting magnet

… and so much more

Venetia will share techniques and tips to raise your vibration bringing you to a required state where your desires can manifest into your life with ease.

The Law of Attraction is an invisible force of the universe that draws together similar energies. Venetia will share secrets, techniques and tips on how to focus your mind in such a way that tune into the vibration of your desire to begin the manifesting process. She will share the things that block manifestation, as well as the things that enhance manifestation.

Venetia will talk about the power of positive thoughts that are necessary for creating amazing life experiences. Attend this Law of Attraction talk and discover how to utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage so that you are always manifesting the people and experiences you desire.

You are guaranteed to return home with knowledge, secrets, and tips on how to attract and manifest anything you want.

>>> Here Is More of What You Will Learn: <<<

✅Identify the right intention/ goal
✅Create a powerful plan of action
✅Identify & remove subconscious blockages
✅Reprogram your subconscious with self-empowering ways
✅Become a vibrational match to your desire
✅Raise your energy vibration to attract better experiences
✅Reach success

… and so much more

During the talk, you will learn the latest strategies to achieve any goal with ease using powerful Law of Attraction secrets, techniques, and tips. Venetia will share a very successful method to set goals, create effective execution plans, identify your success blockages, move through blockages, and finally reach your goal, big or small. On top of that, you will also learn how to use the powerful Law of Attraction for speed manifesting to attracting your dreams and aspirations with the least amount of effort. Venetia will also share useful tips on how to set Intentions the right way, create powerful statements that can positively influence your mind, as well as Law of Attraction techniques to align your vibration with the energy of your dream. Once your vibration is aligned, manifestation begins to flow.

You will also learn the methods Venetia used to go from being homeless on the streets of London to owning her own business, money in the bank, perfect health, and being genuinely happy. She will share tips, strategies, techniques on how to be the person you want to be, how to do that things you desire to do, and have the things you wish to have. At the end of the talk, Venetia will be available for Q&A.

Law of Attraction CYPRUS – get ready to create magical manifestations in different areas of life. Learn to set goals the Law of Attraction way.

>>> About the Speaker: <<<

Venetia Zannettis is a personal excellence instructor on one of the world’s most extensive learning and teaching platforms with over 24 million students from 195 countries. She is a recognised authority in achieving groundbreaking results and serves as a guide to individuals around the world. As well as seeing clients on a one-to-one level, she also offers a variety of personal development and online courses. Venetia has a unique gift of positively transforming the lives of people and is well known for her ability to turn ordinary people into extraordinary individuals. She has empowered many through her work in creating positive thinking patterns, removing emotional clutter and childhood traumas, changing limiting belief systems, and deleting faulty subconscious programming. And as well as building the mindset and guiding individuals toward healthy self-talk and self-empowering behaviours and habits, she teaches the art of inner peace, joy, balance, and well-being. She delivers seminars on how to create the life of your dreams using the Law of Attraction and the subconscious mind to break through the unconscious blockages that sabotage an individual’s happiness and success. On her mission to impact the lives of many, Venetia has dedicated her life to raising the vibrations of humanity by guiding them toward love consciousness, bringing them to a state of pure happiness where miracles happen, and dreams come true.

Event Details:

Location: Lordos Beach Hotel, Larnaca
Date: Sunday, May 19th
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 pm
Entrance: FREE
Contact: 97747276

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